All prices are presented in euros.

The pricing in Plintle for human subtitling and translation is based on a per minute fee. As each language requires a separate translator, there is always a starting cost for each project, regardless of the length of your file. For videos up to 10 minutes there is a fixed fee (see price list) and above a per minute fee for each additional minute. If you translate into more than one language you get a discount on both the fixed fee and the per minute fee, i.e. the more languages you order, the lower price.

If you want subtitles in the same language as the video’s spoken language, the fixed fee is lower, as well as the per minute fee. 

You can set your currency to euros or Swedish crowns in your profile settings once logged in (more currencies to be added shortly). Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about pricing or need more information. We’re happy to help you!