About us

Plintle is the utterly simple localisation service that lets you complete just about any content project. 

No matter which target language you need, the length of your video or technical details such as file formats and graphics, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. With a dedicated team of tech-savvy project managers and a global network of more than 2000 professional linguists, we are proud to say we can offer you subtitles in over 80 languages and cater to any need in terms of distribution and formatting. 

It is, and will always be, free to create an account at Plintle as we only charge you when you place an order with us. Once registered, you will have full access to our secure storage platform where you can safely save all your media assets and assign access to colleagues and clients for review and collaboration. Inside Plintle, you will also be able to connect with our support team (real people, no bots), and we’ll get you set up with your project in no time!

Plintle is developed by Plint – a full-service localisation company with more than 20 years of industry expertise and clients like Spoon, Chimney, B-Reel Films, Netflix, NENT, SVT, NRK and Dreamworks. Please visit plint.com for more information.